In the near future we plan to raise funds that will help us to fulfill our vision of developing an Education Center and Animal Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary will serve as a wildlife rehabilitation center and a permanent home for those who can not be released back into the wild. We are in the process of viewing potential properties in Northern New Hampshire that would fit our needs. We have designed a blue print of the floor plan of this stand-alone building that will be further developed as we gradually move closer to the realization of this much-needed facility.

The mission of the Education Center is to create interest and raise awareness via lectures, exhibits, various forms of audio/visual presentations and special events. It will feature a state of the art auditorium, a resale shop - all  proceeds will benefit the center, a specialty store with Earth friendly and animal related merchandise, a children’s play area and a vegan café.

We expect that the facility will employ about forty individuals, consisting of several departments: development, marketing, accounting, educational outreach, store staff, veterinarians, groundskeepers, and café staff.

We hope to create a place that will make for a perfect day trip and will educate people of all ages about the critical importance of respecting and protecting the earth and the animals with whom we share it.