Tails To Freedom, Inc. (“T2F”) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness of the protection of animals and the environment.  Through humane education and financial assistance services, we strive to make a positive impact in our local, national, and international communities.
  • T2F provides financial assistance to animals, charities, and pet owners facing hardship emergency veterinary bills
  • T2F provides information and funding for spay/neuter programs to reduce euthanasia caused by over-population, unwanted, and homeless pets
  • T2F incorporates eco-friendly business practices through various recycling initiatives
  • T2F is proud to collaborate with and support other animal welfare and advocacy organizations
  • 100% of profits benefit animals in need, various community programs, and the earth
Click here to see our active registration status information on the State of New Hampshire Department of State website.

Fireworks and our furry / feathered friends

How cute is this lil gal?!? She is here to remind you to consider that your pets in the next few days / weeks may be traumatized by all the fire-works. Give them a quiet - safe place to be (most times their crate) and calmly re-assure them that all is ok. If you can, keep windows closed, music on, etc. to help keep most of the loud noise out. Sorry- but can't help but consider our loving four legged or feathered friends!! 

Have a most happy and safe Independence day, friends!!!

Pawsitively Pet Expo

Pawsitively Pet Expo!

Thanks for all your support at the Expo!

It was a great event and we had a wonderful turnout 

at our Tails To Freedom, Inc. booth.

Many thanks to our volunteers: 

Holly and David, 

and their dog Samson

and Nancy!

Great job everyone!